2016 Regal 28 Express

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This 2016 Regal 28 Express is such a unique and stylish boat that comes with a Volvo Penta v6 engine. The Regal is well-known for sailing the middle of the ocean while having fun with your family and friends. This boat is a beautiful boat inside and out it comes with some great features such as a generator, air conditioner , bow thruster, transom trim switch, a beautiful cabin, a stove, binimi top and a full enclosure. This Regal has over $15,000 worth of Maintenance and Improvements of a Complete tune up: Plugs, Points, Condenser, Cap, Rotor and Wires -Oil and filter, AC service, T Stat , Batteries, Power Inlet, Hot Water Heater, Cabin Life Safety (O2)Sensors, Alternator , Tension, Serpentine belt, Water Pump and Impeller, Tension Belt Assembly, Idler sand Steering Pulleys. This boat is live and in stock on boat.com.!!! https://boat.com/yacht-details/?id=83108&vessel=2802294&title=28-ft-regal-2016-pompano-beach-florida-united-states-yacht-for-sale


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Thomas Kramme

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