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Being a boat broker is much more than bringing buyers and owners together.

The yatch broker is the sales professional, representative, dealer, vessel reseller who acts as the intermediary between the buyer and seller in the transaction of a vessel. In other words, he is the one who works on making a dream come true.

The marine broker’s mission is to provide all the information necessary for the smooth running of the business. In addition, monitor the entire negotiation until the contract is signed, carefully analyzing all the documentation that involves the sale of the vessel.

Above all, it is the broker’s duty to act with transparency, integrity, honesty, smoothness, good faith and cordiality in conducting his nautical brokerage profession.

Become A Broker

We are always looking for experienced, hardworking, energetic individuals interested in operating in a personal, friendly atmosphere. With access to thousands of listings, the opportunities are endless. Simply fill out the form below and some one will be in touch!

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