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    More than 30 years ago, Chris Fabbro and his father Bob Fabbro began designing an ambitious but simple project in their garage in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Cape Horn 16 Classic was their first design, an innovative project made to serve the needs of fishermen and made to keep families together. The family plan consisted of hard construction and minimal distraction, joining the most useful features for sport fishing enthusiasts. Today, their legacy remains intact. The family-run business that started with a great and simple idea continues more successful than ever. The Fabbro family operates and maintains Cape Horn boats as the most outstanding fishing boat company in Florida. Its president Chris Fabbro still reviews the company’s construction, assembly, and quality control processes in person.

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    Cape Horn is a brand that has established a reputation for designing and building premier offshore boats. This vessel could be used in both tournaments and family outings. Cape Horn boats make sport fishing an unforgettable has the best Cape Horn boats, with the smallest currentboat listed at 24 ft in length, to the longest boat measuring inat 50 ft feet. The oldest model listed is a classic boat built in 2000 and the newest model year was built in 2013 . Also, we have a whole selectionof factory new models. To see a list of Cape Horn new boats, click here.

    What are Cape Horn Boats?

    Cape Horn boats has been in the industry for over 30 years and has an extensive catalog of new and used models in the following categories: bay, offshore, fishing, and sportfishing boats. The number of boats produced is purposely kept low to allow the highest attention to detail possible. It could be said that each of its models is a unique piece, built with the highest quality and safety protocols. Mass production is not part of their agenda. Another Cape Horn first: after 30 years of hands-on, real-life testing and thousands of thousands of running into heavy seas, they found exactly what it takes for the softest entry and driest ride. The aerodynamic shape of the hull increased speed and fuel economy. Cape Horn’s simple approach to design means these boats are intended to travel a lot of miles on a single outing.

    What kind of boats does Cape Horn build?

    Cape Horn boats builds strong aerodynamic vessels. They presently offer nine models, from the smallest 23 Cape Bay up to the 36XS. Its characteristics make it stand out from the competition: The deck is self-bailing for a dry trip, quality hull construction lies beneath the streamlined fit and finishes, it has a pair of very large live wells, as well as a fully insulated fish box, powerful engines, and a proprietary designed cutwater that increases speed and fuel efficiency. Self-bailing hulls help water exit quickly by design with oversized scuppers. Say good-bye to wet feet in your tripsTheir measurements range from 30 to 65 feet in length. Cape Horn boats have beautiful lines, ride dry, and will get you to your favorite destination quickly.All of these features make Cape Horn boats the best seller across the United States.

    Cape Horn boats are made by fishermen for fishermen. Provides the highest reliability and safety for your aquatic activities. It has simple and sober finishes so as not to distract the professional or amateur fisherman in his task. It has all the accessories and components to travel long distances with comfort and relaxation. Huge floor plans allow an uncluttered workstation when the bite is on. Most of the offshore models are equipped with two enormous live wells and possibly the largest fully insulated fish box available. From bow to stern every detail is engineered and tournament-tested for one purpose- to fish. The history of more than 30 years guarantees credibility when acquiring one of its models. The catalog has a wide variety of used and brand new Cape Horn boats.

    What kind of engine (s) can I find in a Cape Horn Boat?

    The engines of the Cape Horn boats offer powerful propulsion that allows you to travel long distances and save fuel. For example, the John Deere 6076-AFM30 300 HP diesel marine Engine of the Trawlers model, is a vessel with great length and strength.The Twin Yamaha 200 and F150 Gasoline Outboards of the 24 Center Console and 24XS models: powerful, light, nimble, and compact. Boaters know that its proven reliability is unmatched for everything from pontoons to flats boats to deep-V hulls. All models have the most powerful engines of the best brands on the market, providing speed and power to all your trips.

    How much do Cape Horn Boats cost? has a list of used and new Cape Horn boats to fit your budget. Prices range from very low cost like $27,900.00 to more expensive models like $83,500.00. The variety of prices will always offer you an opportunity to find your ideal model. All prices are competitive and even improve the offer of the competition, check it out in our catalog. is the right place to purchase a Cape Horn model and experience it right away.

    What is the best Cape Horn model?

    Among the used models, we have the 24xs, which takes both work and play seriously, adding an element of comfort to a boat versatile enough for serious offshore fishing or cruising with the family, with extra storage, unsinkable technology, spacious and dry ride. The Cape Horn Center Consoles 24 ft., is a perfect offshore companion, useful storage, soft entry, the newly designed hull deserves a test drive in any condition. Our list includes the models Cape Bay, Offshore, 32, 31XS, 27XS, 24XS, 31T among others, you just have to consult our catalog to find your favorite model and start a pleasant experience.B