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    In 1954, Charles “Charlie” Carter and George Verhagen began to make their grandest dream in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, come true. But this was not done in the backyard of his house, as some builders started. Charles and George had long-standing marine industry experience and wanted to build rather than sell boats at Carter-owned marine dealerships in Green Bay and Fox Valley. They also wanted to apply their ideas in their own projects to serve the growing demand from a new generation of yachting enthusiasts.
    They started with a small factory on South 27th, and their first line of construction was mahogany runabouts. After a few years of successful sales, the old friends decided to sell their business in 1963 to their partners Walter “Wally” Markham and Glen Nordin, former Cruisers workers in Oconto, Wisconsin. At that time, and with Markham and Nordin’s leadership, the Carver Boat Corporation made a great transition to fiberglass-based boatbuilding. It expanded and expanded its boundaries, from a regional builder to a large international company with sales worldwide. As a result, in the 1980s and 1990s, Carver became the largest manufacturer of fiberglass production yachts in the world. Their success story would continue when in 2004, the Marquis Yacht line was launched with 59 and 65 engines. Between 2007 and 2009, the company went through hard times but never stopped producing yachts. In 2010 there was a total restructuring, an additional 150 people were employed, and the company had a substantial capital injection from its new owners, Marquis-Larson Boat Group.

    Carver boats on has a great list of Carver yachts ready to go in any type of scenario. You can access different assortments of features and lengths, with the smallest current boat listed at 23 ft in length to the longest yacht measuring at57 ft.
    The oldest model listed in is a classic yacht built in 1974, and the newest model year was built in 2020.
    To see a list of Carver Yachts new models for sale, click here.

    What are Carver boats?

    The Carver boats were designed for a new generation of boaters. So, all its models come equipped with the latest interior, style, and comfort innovations for a unique experience on the water with a compact package that’s easy to handle and offers outstanding performance.
    Accompanied by a whole tradition and history in the construction of yachts for American and world families’ entertainment and excitement, Carver Yachts is continuing to blaze new trails in the mid-size luxury yacht market.

    What kind of boats does Carver build?

    Discover cruising versatility in the Carver models, from her outstanding maneuverability and handling to their elegant living spaces. The modern yacht collection includes the Coupe line and the Command Bridge line. However, at, we also have a great line of used yachts in excellent conditions. You’re ready to travel with the magic of Carver yachts. Carver Yachts are the perfect answer to all your entertainment aspirations, allowing you to live the cruising life with flair.

    Why are Carver boats popular?

    Its solid history and a tradition of more than 60 years make Carver one of the world’s most recognized and valued brands. Carver has everything you need on a yacht and much more. From older models to the fast and lightweight Coupe models, the Carver experience will always be enjoyable and reliable. In Carver models, the essentials of space, proportion, and functionality are in total harmony. To create a true motor yacht, a melding of both art and science is necessary, the art of their artisan skills and the modern yacht building technology. The Carver Company remains one of the world leaders in yacht sales and is always committed to providing quality and commitment to its clients. Turning heads is easy when you make waves.

    What kind of engine (s) can I find in a Carver boat? has choices available for you in different fuel systems such as diesel and gas. The Carver yachts use powerful engines with features that make them unique in the market. Carver’s engines’ characteristics allow reaching high speeds in the shortest time and with excellent fuel savings. For example, the Cummins QSB 6.7 480 HP Diesel from the C52 Command Bridge line with a quiet operation, including an 80-percent reduction in noise at idle, is one of the many benefits from the common-rail fuel system. Another example is the Twin Volvo Penta of the Carver Motor Yacht 41 ft. fits a twin-engine boat with non-trim / tilt or trim/tilt on the dash console.

    How much do Carver boats cost? offers you a variety of Carver Yachts with prices ranging from low-cost used yachts to new luxury yachts. You will always find a price that fits your budget and meets all your expectations. Above all, seek the spirit of adventure with a Carver Yacht, an experience that will allow you to embrace the voyage on the water without compromising price, comfort, or styl

    What is the best Carver model?

    Carver has a wide variety of models with different features, accessories, and prices. offers you a very extensive catalog of this brand, and these are only a few models: Carver Cruiser, Flybridge, Aft Cabin, Motor Yacht 445, C52 and C37 Coupe, C40 and C52 Command Bridge, Voyager, Sedan, SuperSport MC, among others. Its main characteristics are Hand-laid, molded fiberglass components featuring composite laminate hull sides, decks, & cabin tops. We can find a wide variety of models on, but they all have something in common: quality finishes, luxury accessories, stability, and comfort. Choose your model and enjoy it immediately.