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Buying a boat is a delicate decision to make. We from will help you. is one of the best places to buy a boat. We have used Lund boats for sale and new Lund boats for sale as well. Therefore, if you are attracted to the Lund boats, you can approach and have an affordable deal. If you are not sure which one to buy, you can ask for help from our brokers. At, you can also sell your boat because we always have free listing for everyone here.




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  • History of Lund Boats

    G. Howard Lund manufactured within Minnesota Lake country, New York Mills, the first aluminum duck boat, in 1948. His craftsmanship was the reason for success. His hardworking team of anglers, qualified engineers, and craftsmen build the most legendary fishing aluminum boat.
    Howard re-incorporated the company, in 1961, as Lund Metal Craft, Inc., and the company started manufacturing for the fiberglass market. With the acquisition of Shell Lake Boat Company, the versatility of Lund’s brand would increase. The Brunswick Boat Group has owned the company since 2004.

    What are Lund boats?

    In Inland Marine Corp, a salesman demanded Howard for 50 more aluminum boats. The Lund Boat Company manufactured the world’s finest Fishing Boats. Lund brand crafts outboard aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats. Here are some Lund boats:
    – Lund Bass fishing boats
    Lund manufacture crafts the best bass fishing boats. These vessels have a strong support network. You can easily find replacement parts when needed.
    – Lund Pro-V GL Series
    This Lund Pro-V GL Series is a fiberglass series boat.These vessels have fishing features. You can find a center rod locker, dual livewells, abundant storage, and an open cockpit in Lund Pro-V GL Series. These boats give a smooth, dry ride.
    – Lund Predator Series
     The Lund Predator series are utility Jon boats. These vessels have camouflage color options in a center console, side console, or tiller layout. These Lund Jon boats are ideal for day hunting or fishing.

    Lund boats on

    Lund is a boat manufacturer that offers boats on It has an extensive range of Lund boats at the best market prices. is the best place to buy any Lund boat, New Lund boats for sale, and used Lund boats for sale in different sizes. The smallest Lund boat model is at ft in length, to the longest vessel measuring at 23 ft. Currently, offers 482 Lund boats for sale. It includes more than 400 new Lund Boats for sale and dozens of used Lund boats for sale. You can find individual sellers of Lund boats and professional Lund boat dealers in the United States. The oldest classic boat listed was built-in 2002 among the used boats for sale. Further, the newest model year is built-in 2022. To see a list of Lund Boats new models, click here.

    How much do Lund boats cost?

    Lund boat models are available on for you in different price ranges, valued from $18,750.00 on the lower end up to $95,900.00 for the most expensive Lund boat models. Higher performance Lund boat models now listed come rigged with motors up to [ ] horsepower. But, if you want shorter, more affordable, and functional, may have as little as [ ] horsepower engines. Lund boats propose the best prices at is the right place to own your sporty and trendy new Lund boat models at a highly competitive price. has complete confidence in the Lund brand and makes sure you buy the best deal and select a boat that will match your requirements.
    If you are looking for a fishing boat that performs exceptionally, check out Lund boats for sale including, New Lund boats for sale and used Lund boats for sale.

    What kind of boats does Lund build?

    Lund offers different boat hull types and designs. It includes modified vee, deep-vee,
    flat, and others. There are two-toned hulls of Lund that show flexibility in design. It enables you to choose your required colors. These vessels consider the best for regular boating endeavors. On, you would come across a preferred new Lund boat for sale and a used Lund boat for sale.  
    Lund boat features different propulsion systems such as inboard/outboard, inboard, outboard, outboard-4S, and outboard-2S propulsion systems. has new Lund boats for sale and used Lund boats for sale. These boats are available in different fuel systems such as gas and diesel.

    What Lund boats made up of?

    All Lund boats are made up of strict standards. These vessels have twin-plated, double-riveted marine-grade aluminum I-Beams. Then the beams are welded. It builds optimum performance without adding weight. Lund brand filled its boats with high amounts of floatation foam that increases stability and security. Some Lund boats are of fiberglass. These boats have true straightness within the composite fiberglass structure. It provides durability and consistency in performance.

    Why are Lund boats popular?

    Unique classes and models of Lund boats make them popular among the boating community. Lund boats offer an exceptional design and phenomenal engineering, building greater fishability. They include Aluminum Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, Sport Fishing, Ski and Fish and Bass. Generally, the Lund boats have a deep draft and an average beam. Lund boats are the best choice for freshwater fishing. Lund boat is a popular conventional boat brand for its image of being classic and crowd-pleaser boats. Anglers from many generations have trusted Lund Boats.

    What is the best Lund model?

    Currently, there are some most distinguished Lund boat models: the 1650 Angler SS, the 1775 Adventure Sport, the 1775 Impact XS Sport, the 1675 Adventure SS, and the 1875 Crossover XS. has a wide range of used Lund boats for sale and new Lund boats for sale for you.