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Malibu Boats for Sale
24' - Malibu - 2018 - Wakesetter 24 MXZ - WAKESETTER MXZ - Saint Augustine, Florida, United StatesWakesetter 24 MXZ
2018 Wakesetter 24 MXZ
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History of Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats is a recreational boat manufacturer of the United States of America, established in Loudon, Tennessee, with extra manufacturing facilities in New South Wales, Australia. The company was established in Merced, California, in 1982. Now is headquartered in Loudon, Tennessee.

What is Malibu Boats?

Malibu brand is the “world’s largest maker of water sports towboats,” which are used for recreational purposes as well as in water skiing and wakeboarding competitions. However, they discarded all wood in the construction. They introduced the modern, patented Fiberglass Engine Chassis System (FibECS), which reduced drivetrain vibration and noise. Malibu Boats Australia, a local licensee in Albury, New South Wales, started constructing boats in Australia in 1994.

How much do Malibu boats cost?

Malibu boat models are available on for you in different price ranges, valued from $15,500.00 on the lower end up to $154,500.00 for the most expensive Malibu boat model. Malibu boats propose the best prices at Inevitably, it is the right place to own your first ever new Malibu boat model at a highly competitive price. has complete confidence in the Malibu brand and makes sure you buy the best deal and select a boat that will match your requirements.

If you are looking for a popular boat that performs exceptionally, check out Malibu boats for sale including, new Malibu boats for sale and used Malibu boats for sale.

Are Malibu Boats all fiberglass?

The patented Fiberglass Engine Chassis System, or FibECS, is at the heart of Malibu’s design. Malibu has designed over 20,000 boats with this system since its inception in 1993, with zero failures. FibECS allows the engine to be through-bolted on top of the frame structure, distributing the engine’s load, drive train, and prop over a larger area than traditional stringers made of wood, fiberglass, or foam.

It also allows for perfect gel coating of the bilge liner for an ideal fit. For improved engine efficiency, the chassis system includes active air induction. Malibu’s Space Age amalgamated flooring is new for 2002. The flooring is a one-piece, all-finished fiberglass floor liner. All is CAD-designed and CNC-cut or milled to ensure that it is identical. The motor box design allows air to escape, allowing the engine to run hotter.

What kind of boats does Malibu build?

Malibu brand offers different boat hull types and designs. It includes modified vee, deep-vee, flat, mono-hull, and others. Malibu manufacturers practice Plexus fusion adhesive to build a molecular bond between the hull, stringers, and deck. It makes that stronger than the glass itself. All hulls and decks have blueprints, and they harmonize each other. On, you would come across a preferred new Malibu boat for sale and a used Malibu boat for sale. 

What kind of engine (s) can I find in a Malibu boat?

Certainly, GM Indmar Marine Engines power the Malibu. The famous Corvette LS1 engine, with over 375 horsepower, has been described as “one of the ten best engines in the world” by Wards Autoweek. Higher performance Malibu boat models now listed come rigged with motors up to [ ] horsepower. But, if you want shorter, more affordable, and recreational boats, may have as little as [ ] horsepower engines. 

Additionally, the Malibu boat model features different propulsion systems such as inboard/outboard, inboard, outboard, outboard-4S, and outboard-2S propulsion has new Malibu boats for sale and used Malibu boat for sale. These boats are available in different fuel systems such as gas, diesel, and other propulsion systems.

Why are Malibu boats popular?

Besides, the Malibu brand is popular for its Bowrider, Runabout, Ski and Wakeboard, Cruisers, and Cuddy Cabin, among other classes and models. Generally, the Malibu boat model has a shallow draft and an average beam. Malibu boats are the best choice for day or overnight cruising, fishing either freshwater or saltwater. Malibu brand is a popular boat brand for its image of being classic and crowd-pleaser boats.

What is the best Malibu boat model?

Currently, there are some most distinguished Malibu boat models, such as Wakesetter Lsv 23, M220, Wakesetter 23 LSV, Wakesetter 25 LSV, and 25 LSV. has a wide range of used Malibu boats for sale and new Malibu boats for sale for you.