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Buying a boat is a delicate decision to make. We from Boat.com will help you. Boat.com is one of the best places to buy a boat. We have used Ranger boats for sale and new Ranger boats for sale as well. Therefore, if you are attracted to the Ranger boats, you can approach Boat.com and have an affordable deal. If you are not sure which one to buy, you can ask for help from our brokers. At Boat.com, you can also sell your boat because we always have free listing for everyone here.




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  • History of Ranger boats

    Ranger is a famous bass fishing boat brand that specializes in black bass fishing. The company produces fiberglass boats, but it has introduced an aluminum series in response to the recent success of aluminum boats on top tournament trails. Forrest L. Wood formed the company in Flippin, Arkansas, in 1968. Ranger is widely credited as being the first to introduce the modern bass boat. Ranger brand is also a major sponsor of the Wal-Mart FLW Tour, the world’s largest tournament circuit, with events held around the United States and the world.

    What are Ranger boats?

     The Ranger brand infuses every boat with heritage, zeal, and pride. Undoubtedly, Ranger is the best boating brand. Ranger constructs four different types of vessels.

    Ranger fiberglass boats

    Firstly, Ranger builds fiberglass boats. These vessels have foam-filled interiors that deaden sound for stealth and provide upright, level flotation that exceeds Coast Guard requirements. Their pultruded transoms and fiberglass stringers are unrivaled in strength and have a one-piece feel that is unmatched.

    Ranger aluminum boats

    Secondly, Ranger manufactures aluminum boats. The design of this boat focus on performance, durability, and convenience in mind. Ranger brand is the fastest-growing aluminum brand in America.

    Saltwater Ranger boats

    Moreover, the Ranger brand has saltwater boats. Suppose you are trolling for wahoo or poling across a flat for bonefish. In that case, every Ranger boat model is made to exceed expectations in every situation. Most importantly, Ranger has a rig for every form of fishing, from deep to shallow.

    Ranger Pontoon

    Lastly, the latest Reata by Ranger Fish and Cruise series of pontoon boats have long provided a relaxing experience on the water. Ranger bass boats have earned a legendary reputation for unsurpassed efficiency, design, and craftsmanship.

    Ranger boats on Boat.com

    Ranger is a boat manufacturer that offers boats on Boat.com. It has an extensive range of Ranger boats at the best market prices. Boat.com is the best spot to buy any Ranger boat, new Ranger boats for sale, and used Ranger boats for sale in different sizes. The smallest Ranger boat model is at ft in length, to the longest vessel measuring at 37 ft. Currently, Boat.com offers total 31 Ranger boats for sale. It includes new Ranger Boats for sale and used Ranger boats for sale.

    Additionally, you can find individual sellers of Ranger boats and professional Ranger boat dealers in the United States. The oldest classic boat built-in 1974 that is listed among the used Ranger boats for sale. Further, the newest model year is 2020. To see a list of Ranger new boats for sale, click here.

    How much do Ranger boats cost?

    Many popular Ranger boat models are available on Boat.com for you in different price ranges, valued from $49,000.00 on the lower end up to $143,000 for the most expensive Ranger boat model. Higher performance Ranger boat models now listed come rigged with motors up to [ ] horsepower. But, if you want shorter, more affordable, and functional boats, Boat.com may have as little as [ ] horsepower engines. Ranger boats propose the best prices at Boat.com. If you are looking for a popular boat that performs exceptionally, check out Boat.com Ranger boats for sale including, new Ranger boats for sale and used Ranger boats for sale.

    What kind of boats does Ranger build?

    Ranger boats are all-welded and wood-free, constructed for long runs and in deep water. In addition, in every RT, RB, and deep V series boat, Ranger fills foam for upright. This level flotation that exceeds Coast Guard requirements and significantly reduces hull slap for a stealthy approach every time.

    Furthermore, MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vessels) are designed to withstand the elements and have thoughtful designs. Hulls have been designed to provide a significantly smoother ride and more responsive handling. Ranger builds wider beam boats that enhance stability, ease, and morale.

    Additionally, Zone-Tempered Fiberglass Layup uses an extraordinary woven roving weave and additional layers of Omni-directional fiberglass, chine rope, and other custom reinforcement for optimal strength, durability, and trust.

    Besides, the Rite-Track Keel configuration holds more of the hull in the water and less exposed to the wind when fishing. This unique feature not only reduces lateral drift but also facilitates trolling and boat maneuverability. On Boat.com, you would come across a preferred new Ranger boat for sale and a used Ranger boat for sale.  

    What kind of engine (s) can I find in a Ranger boat?

    The Ranger boat model has different propulsion systems. It includes inboard/outboard, inboard, outboard, outboard-4S, and outboard-2S. Boat.com offers you new Ranger boats for sale and used Ranger boats for sale with different propulsion and fuel system. These boats are available in different fuel systems such as gas, diesel, and others.

    Why are Ranger boats popular?

    The Ranger brand focuses on the Five Star Advantage. It assures consumers that a Ranger offers: higher efficiency, quality, safety, creativity, and resale value than any other brand.

    However, if you select any Ranger boat model, such as a Bass, Aluminum Fishing, Pontoon, Saltwater, or Freshwater Fishing, you will inevitably get a higher level of customization, greater protection, more innovations, and higher satisfaction from a brand that more anglers and families trust.

    What is the best Ranger model?

    Currently, there are some most distinguished Ranger boat models, such as RT178, RT188, Z520L, RT188C, and Z521L. Boat.com has a wide range of used Ranger boats for sale and new Ranger boats for sale for you, with listings ranging from 1974 year Ranger boat models up to2020].