Sea-Doo Boats for Sale

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Sea-Doo Boats for Sale
20' - Sea-Doo - 2008 - Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States
  • Cabin Count 0
  • Sleep Count 0
  • Head Count 0
  • Jet Boats
  • 14,727
  • Cabins 0 Sleeps 0 Heads 0
Sea-Doo Boats for Sale
10' - Sea-Doo - 2007 - Topping, Virginia, United States
  • Cabin Count 0
  • Sleep Count 0
  • Head Count 0
  • Personal Watercraft/Jet Boats
  • 7,450
  • Cabins 0 Sleeps 0 Heads 0
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Sea-Doo Boats for Sale

Sea-Doo is a line of personal watercraft and water scooters manufactured by a Canadian brand called Bombardier Recreational Products or BRP in short. The company launched its first watercraft in 1968, known as the Bombardier Sea-Doo. This water vehicle was designed by Clayton Jacobson II, who also developed the Kawaski Jet Ski watercraft. Laurent Beaudoin also had significant involvement in this project. They later developed a jet-powered aqua scooter in 1968; discontinued after three years because of various complaints. BRP re-introduced Sea-Doo in 1988. This re-introduction changed the company’s fortunes forever. The brand then became successful and popular from then on.

Sea-Doo Boats on

Sea-Doo Boats is a 53-year-old well-known brand that manufactures personal water scooters, jet skis, and watercraft. They are used for various water activities like tow sports, sport fishing, personal water crafting, riding, touring, and many fun activities. They sell more than 50 cool-looking models on, such as Spark Trixx, GTI, and the Sea-Doo GTI SE for sale. The water vehicles are customizable with multiple colors, gear, engines, and many more options that can be tweaked and tuned to match the customers’ preferences. Customers will enjoy various benefits such as price range that fits their budget, going from $7,190 to $29,998. Also, they can have deals from the best dealers, manufacturers, brokers, used Sea-Doo boats for sale, and new Sea-Doo boats for sale, only on

What is Sea-Doo Boats?

Sea-Doo is a brand based in Canada that manufactures personal watercraft, water scooters, jet skis, runabouts, and bowriders. All the Sea-Doo models are produced under Bombardier Recreational Products, making on-road and off-road vehicles in many countries. The Sea-Doo water vehicles support impeller-driven waterjet. Currently, the BRP plant in Queretaro and Juarez, Mexico, produces the Sea-Doo models. And the BRP plant in Gunskirchen, Austria, manufactures the Rotax engines. The brand captured almost half the PWC market in 2016. The Sea-Doo water vehicles come with various accessories and gear to assist riders in their fun, such as radio and other safety and fun gear.

What kind of Boats does Sea-Doo build?

Sea-Doo Boats build watercraft, water scooters, jet skis, runabouts, and bowriders. The brand also sells accessories and gear to assist with the fun. These water vehicles can be used for various fun activities in the ocean like: fishing, tricking, speed riding, tow sports, touring, jet skiing, water crafting, and many more. These water vehicles have adjustable handles for height adjustments, various engine modes for different activities, and various gears. Buy a Sea-Doo Boat from and cut through the water with top speeds, thanks to Sea-Doo’s innovative engine and propeller designs.

Why is Sea-Doo Boats popular?

Sea-Doo makes personal watercraft, jet skis, and water scooters for everyone to enjoy a fun ride in the waters and conduct various fun and sports water activities. Give its customers the best experience on the waters is the goal for every Sea-Doo model. All model comes with innovative engines with numerous modes, innovative designs, safety, and dependability. Buyers can customize the watercraft and water scooters to their heart’s content with multiple colors, gear, engines, and accessory options. Ride casually on a GTX limited edition or win at fishing in a Fish Pro that has room to keep the bait box and fishing nets at the back.

What kind of engine(s) can I find in a Sea-Doo Boat?

Sea-Doo manufactures water scooters, watercraft, and jet skis for maximum efficiency in the water. The company uses Rotax engines that give unmatched high performance, top fuel efficiency, and reliability. These innovative engines are the set standard in the industry. Every engine model has a closed-loop cooling system to keep saltwater and debris out of the engine for trouble-free rides. The engine models used are Rotax 1630 ACE -300, 230, 170, and 130 engines. The Rotax 900 ACE -90 and 60 engines are also quite popular. These engines have 300, 230, 170, 130, 90, and 60 H.P., respectively.

How much do Sea-Doo Boats cost?

Sea-Doo water scooters and watercraft are available in various sizes and prices on The cheapest water vehicle costs $7,190, and the most expensive one costs $29,998.

What is the best Sea-Doo model?

Some of the widely popular and in-demand Sea-Doo models to date are GTI SE 130 IBR & Sound System, GTI SE 170 IBR & Sound System, GTI SE 170 IBR, Spark Trixx 2-Up Rotax 900 H.O. ACE IBR & Sound System, and Spark Trixx 3-Up Rotax 900 H.O. ACE IBR & Sound System. Purchase these famous and other Sea-Doo models from, which is the best place to buy a Boat to date. It provides its customers various benefits such as best deals on popular boat brands. It even provides its customers a Boat catalog more. Customers can also purchase boat parts from multiple brands.