Concierge Broker Services

Let Us Help You Sell Your Boat

How it Works

The commission for the concierge Broker is paid off the selling price and you only pay a commission when the personal Broker brings you a buyer for your boat not when you sell it on your own.

Things to Know

There is no fee to list your boat and you are under no contract that prevents you from selling your boat on your own.

Standard commission is 10% of the selling price for boats under US $1,000,000

We have special commission savings available for boats over US $1,000,000

The minimum commission is US $2000

Brokerage services are performed by Boats International Inc.

Boats International Inc is a licensed and bonded Yacht broker with headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Concierge personal broker is at this point only available for listing with a minimum valuated price of $15,000. Brokerage service might be declined when the asking price of the boat is significantly different than the asking price of comparable listed boats.

Tell us about your boat and one of our professional brokers will be in touch!

Sell with Confidence

It can be a daunting feeling when you are considering selling your boat. Your personal professional concierge broker arranges and handles all the below logistics. The concierge service will save you enormous amounts of time stress and headaches getting the boat listed and sold. Let us do the hard work for you, this is the way selling your boat should be. generates enormous traffic due to its powerful domain name. This will give you more exposure and opportunities to find a buyer than any other website in the world.

Selling Your Boat Made Easy

It can be a very daunting task trying to figure out how to sell your boat. We will take on all the logistics and alleviate you from the headaches involved in selling your boat, saving you time and stress. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Let us handle:

It’s all about service, service, service! I have owned several boats before and have always struggled to find a professional company that can efficiently sell/buy my boats. got the job done efficiently. My time is so important to me and I can say they saved me enormous amounts of time and obtained a very fair price for my boat. I only wish I found these guys before. I fully recommend, don’t bother going anywhere else!

-Tony P.
Miami Florida

Unparalleled Customer Service

Our mission at is to offer you the very best customer service helping you sell or buy your next boat. We all know that good customer service is hard to find nowadays and we strive to exceed your expectation, saving you time and stress through the process. We value your time and trust, always striving to create loyal long-lasting relationships with all of our customers.