Finance Your Dream Boat Now has proudly partnered with veteran-owned and operated Rock Solid Funding. By offering a safe and efficient process with tailored services for dealers and retail customers Rock Solid Funding is your financing solution for that dream boat purchase.

  • Get Pre-Approved thru a soft-pull credit inquiry
  • If you don’t qualify, a soft pull won’t affect your credit
  • Approval good for up to 6 weeks
  • 600+ Experian Score

A Registered Creditor and a proud member of the National Marine Lenders Association.

Proud Member of the National Marine Lenders Association boats for sale +1-954-788-2900 (337) boats for sale +1-954-788-2900 (338) boats for sale +1-954-788-2900 (339)

A Perfect Fit For your Boat Loan

Low Rates

Rates from 4.5% to 17.99% depending on credit.

Competitive Rates

Financing as low as $1,500 with no max. Low Down Payments may be available.

All Credit Welcome

We can work with challenged credit scores as low as 600 Experian.

Flexible Terms

The length of our terms range from 36 to 240 months, no payment penalty.

Quick Turnaround

Some of our customers have an approval from us in as little as an hour! Apply now and we'll get right to work.

Apply Now

Fill out the information below (5-10 minutes) and you’ll get a decision within hours (most of the time).

Why do we need your Social Security Number?

This information is needed to verify your identity and access your consumer report and allows us to give you a decision much faster.

Boat Financing FAQ's

Is there a charge to the dealer for loan processing?

No fees are ever charged directly to the dealer. If there is a fee associated with the loan, it is always paid by the borrower and is fully disclosed at closing and in writing.

What types of collateral do you finance?

We have the resources to finance several types of recreational use and business use units. This includes: travel trailers, boats, motorcycles, non-motorized rvu2019s, horse/livestock trailers, and cargo/utility trailers.

What are the interest rates and terms?

The rate and term for each loan will vary from borrower to borrower, so it is difficult to quote a standard rate. Rates can range anywhere from 5% to 19.95%. The terms, depending on credit history and loan amount, range from 12 months to 180 months.

How does the funding process work?

Most of our Lenders fund from original copies of the contracts. After your documents are signed, you will need to keep a copy, send the customer home with a copy, and send the originals to our office. Your loan will be funded within 24-48 hours from the time the original paperwork is received in our office. The funding process cannot begin until the original, signed documents are received by RSF.

How does the approval process work?

Once an application is received, we will review the borroweru2019s information, pull his and/or her credit report, and then contact you to discuss the approval process and to verify that all information is correct. Good credit borrowers can expect a pre-approval within 30 minutes, while sub-prime customers may take considerably longer, depending on the stipulations required. Do note that two years prior established installment history and some debt to income requirements may be required to qualify for approval. A co-signer may also be required.