Baja Boats for Sale

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Baja Boats for Sale
36' - Baja - 2004 - 36 Outlaw - Pompano Beach, Florida, United States36 Outlaw
2004 36 Outlaw
  • Model Bravo
  • Engine Qty 2
  • Cabin Count 1
  • Sleep Count 2
  • Head Count 1
  • Racing-High Performance
  • 59,900
  • Cabins 1 Sleeps 2 Heads 1
  • 2 Mercrusier Bravo
Baja Boats for Sale
32' - Baja - 1997 - 32 Outlaw SST FRESHWATER - Charleston, South Carolina, United States32 Outlaw SST FRESHWATER
1997 32 Outlaw SST FRESHWATER
  • Model 7.4LX MPI
  • Engine Qty 2
  • Cabin Count 0
  • Sleep Count 0
  • Head Count 0
  • Racing-High Performance
  • 55,000
  • Cabins 0 Sleeps 0 Heads 0
  • 2 Mercruiser 7.4LX MPI
Baja Boats for Sale
29' - Baja - 2000 - 29 Outlaw SST - South Haven, Michigan, United States29 Outlaw SST
2000 29 Outlaw SST
  • Model 7.4 Magnum MPI
  • Engine Qty 2
  • Cabin Count 0
  • Sleep Count 0
  • Head Count 0
  • Racing-High Performance/Cuddy Cabin
  • 45,000
  • Cabins 0 Sleeps 0 Heads 0
  • 2 Mercruiser 7.4 Magnum MPI
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Baja Boats for Sale

The name of Baja boats is new to the boating industry to highlight the most popular and high-end boat models ever. Baja has managed to bag the title of “World’s most popular performance boat”. This title was enough for this company to attract sea lovers’ attention from all over the world.

So be it a new Baja boat for sale or a used Baja boat for sale, you can always be sure of the value of your money with the product you are buying. 

Some light on the background of Baja boats

Baja has been known for years for its popular Islander bowriders and Outlaw models. Even though the company has decided to stick with their special structurization that makes them stand out, they have opted for modernization and advancements of protocols that will enhance their boat performances.

Their slogan “Speed Changes You” has been a natural attraction for their customers, who later share similar feelings.

Baja Marine Shipyard’s history goes back to 1971 when four co-founders decided to work on the first design of their boat on an abandoned ice rink. It was not long after when these dreamers became entrepreneurs. It took them only two years to develop their ambitions and plans, and soon Baja Boats and its four and six-meter range came into existence.

Years passed, and Baja Boats invented new designs and innovative, non-standard navigation solutions with meticulous work and efforts. Later that became the sole reason for which Baja Boats gained their reputation as innovators. In their more than four decades journey, the brand still prioritizes style and innovation, meeting buyer demands. 

Where are Baja boats manufactured?

Each of the Baja Boats for sale has to go through manufacturing, assembling, and quality check procedures to finally meet their owner. All of this takes place under a number of high-end technologies installed in the Baja Boats manufacturing facility located in Washington, North Carolina, Inland Shoal.

What materials are used to make Baja boats?

Known for its speed boats which are unparalleled in their category, Baja boats have made their hulls suitable for a lifetime guarantee. That was possible only by ensuring the right quality materials in each boat. Nothing goes by unchecked for a shortcut.

Each of the Baja Outlaws has balsa and fiberglass laminate that ensures the performance of this speedboat while being highly durable. Moreover, each hull is a carbon-fiber-reinforced true V-hull, making the boat robust and withstand all weather conditions.

Baja boats on has a wide variety of Baja boats for sale ranging from the smallest boat measuring 19 ft up to the larger boat lengths of 40 ft. Currently, has 34 new Key West boats for sale and used Key West boats for sale listed by sellers based in the United States of America.

These Baja Boats are models from the year 1987 up till 2021 available on from individual and professional boat sellers.

The average price range of a Baja boat?

The average price range of new Baja boats for sale and used Baja boats for sale on this starts from as low as $8,266.00 for the more economical and functional models, going all the way up to $323,975.00 for the more extravagant and luxurious vessels. The more high-performance models now listed on this platform have motors of up to 1,480 horsepower. In comparison, more affordable and more functional models may have engine power as low as 250 horsepower.

Types of Baja boats?

The main manufacturing of Baja Boats is around the deep-vee hull designs and other similar ones. Each Baja boat for sale can endure all kinds of sea challenges without putting the riders in any trouble. These boats are made suitable for all types of recreational water activities such as day cruising, night cruising, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and water sports.

What is the reason for Baja boats’ popularity?

The main pillars of Baja boats and their popularity are their main models of Cuddy Cabin, Cruisers, and Runabout. Moreover, their signature deck and windscreen design make them stand out from the crowd and manage to lower the frontside wind and water resistance.

All these models have been high in demand since their launch and still prove to be one of the bests when it comes to buying both new Baja boats for sale or used Baja boats for sale.