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History of Lowe boats

Carl and Dianna Lowe established Lowe Line in 1971 as a boating company. They developed 29 versions of flat bottom and semi-v Jon boats and canoes in their debut model year, 1972. In 1975, Lowe introduced the world’s first specialized bass boat. Lowe Line changed its name to Lowe Boats in 1980. Nowadays, it is part of Brunswick company.

What is Lowe Boats?

Lowe Boats is manufacturing aluminum boats in the marine industry since 1971. There are several style options and types of boats available in the Lowe brand.

- Stinger & Skorpion

Fish-ready packages offer the finest value in multi-species fishing. In addition, these vessels run better and are more stable because of the superior design of lower HP outboards combined with a heavier 4-stroke engine.

- Lowe Utility V Boats

Utility-Vs provide excellent fishing performance, solid construction, and dependability. In addition, these boats have space, better stability, and a smoother ride.

- Roughneck line

These boats are flexible and are known to be among the toughest on the market. They designed Lowe Roughneck versions for fishing and hunting.

- Jon Boats

A Jon boat is the way to go when you need high-quality, high-value, and robust usability all in one. Of course, Lowe designed these boats to withstand the weather, so they will continue to function, anyway.

- Fishing Machine

The new Fishing machine models deliver more fishing-friendly layouts with handy walk-through and side console configurations, aerated livewells, capacious storage compartments, and more.

- Fish & Ski

Aerated livewell and pedestal fishing seats are popular among hardcore anglers. In addition, the option to convert the boat into a ski machine by flipping up the rear conversion bench with seats for two persons is a big plus for water sports fans.

- Bay Boats

The performance-tuned deep-V hull provides superior handling and top-notch speeds. As a result, you can confidently enter the backwater and run shallow and smooth when necessary.

What kind of boats does Lowe build?

This aluminum fishing and pontoon boat manufacturer has an extensive product line, one of the most diverse manufacturers. For example, 20 pontoons range from 19 to 25 feet, 18 Jon boats ranging in length from 10 to 18 feet, two-deck boats, a bay boat, nine utility models, 15 hunting boats, and 23 distinct fishing boats.

There are semi-V, deep-V, flat-bottom, and even tunnel hull designs in various model lines. These are all-welded aluminum boats with a limited lifetime warranty from Lowe. Lowe’s claims to fame include being the only aluminum boat builder to win more CSI awards than any other. For new Lowe boats for sale and used Lowe boats for sale, visit Boat.com.

Why are Lowe boats popular?

Lowe boats have various unique features that distinguish their boats from the others, which is one of the many reasons these boats are so popular across the world.

The firm creates high-quality freshwater fishing and utility boats. In addition, Lowe Brand offers a variety of stylistic alternatives for classic aluminum hull fishing boats. The Bay Model, for instance,  has a deep-V hull for improved water movement and a well-proportioned center console for balanced management of the boat. There’s also abundant rod storage, comfortable seating, and huge livewells. In addition, Lowe crafted Roughneck versions to last without sacrificing storage or comfort.

What is the best Lowe model?

Currently, some of the most distinguished Lowe boat models are LEGACY, Roughneck 1760 Pathfinder, Skorpion 16, Stinger 175C, and Roughneck 1860 Tunnel Jet. In addition, Boat.com has a wide range of new Lowe boats for sale and used Lowe boats for sale for you.