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Buying a boat is a delicate decision to make. We from will help you. is one of the best places to buy a boat. We have used Boston Whaler boats for sale and new Boston Whaler boats for sale as well. Therefore, if you are attracted to the Boston Whaler boats, you can approach and have an affordable deal. If you are not sure which one to buy, you can ask for help from our brokers. At, you can also sell your boat because we always have free listing for everyone here.




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  • History of Boston Whaler

    Boston Whaler is a well-known boat manufacturer in America. Boston Whaler is producing Boats in Edgewater, Florida. In 1958, Fisher and Hunt launched and marketed their first 13-foot “Whaler,” as Boston Whaler.
    Boston Whaler is known as unsinkable legends. You can pull the drain plugs, load on weight, cut one in half—these boats keep on floating. In 1961, the company broadened its boating lineup from 13-footer to a larger, 17-foot Whaler with more upscale wood accents and a center console for nicer center-of-gravity.

    What are Boston Whaler Boats?

    Boston Whaler has the following boats:
    ·   Cruising Boats
    Boston Whaler crafts cruising boats for spending a long time on the water for day or night cruises.
    ·   Cabin Cruiser Boats
    Boston Whaler Cabin cruiser boats are fully equipped with sleeping, cooking, and bathroom accommodations.
    ·   Bay and Lake Boats
    Bay and lake boats have a shallower draft and less freeboard. You can sit higher in the shallow water and can safely navigate. Boston Whaler Dauntless and Vantage models are bay and lake boats.
    ·   Sport Fishing Boats
    Boston Whaler crafted many sportfishing boats to deal with various sea conditions. It keeps anglers safe, comfortable, and dry over long distances.
    ·   Center Console Boats
    Boston Whaler’s center console boats (Montauk, Dauntless, and Outrage series) have well-equipped bait-prep stations. These boats have ergonomic leaning posts with huge cockpits and bow casting areas. They have state-of-the-art navigation and fish-finding technologies.
    ·   Dual Console Boats
    The Vantage models are dual console boats. These boats have a wheel on the starboard side and another within the console.

    Boston Whaler boats on

    Boston Whaler is a boat manufacturer that offers boats on It has an extensive range of Boston Whaler boats at the best market prices. is the best place to buy any Boston Whaler boat, new Boston Whaler boats for sale, and used Boston Whaler boats for sale in different sizes. The smallest Boston Whaler boat model is at 11 ft in length, to the longest vessel measuring at 42 ft.
    Currently, has a total of 315 Boston Whaler boats for sale. The oldest classic boat listed was built-in 1964 among the used boats for sale. Further, the newest model year is built-in 2022. To see a list of Boston Whaler new boats for sale, click here.

    How much do Boston Whaler boats cost?

    Boston Whaler boat models are available on for you in different price ranges, valued from $1,050,000.00 on the lower end up to $92,500.00 for the most expensive. Higher performance Boston Whaler boat models now listed come rigged with motors up to [ ] horsepower. But, if you want shorter, more affordable, and functional, may have as little as [ ] horsepower engines.
 is the right place to own your first ever sporty, solid, and unsinkable new Boston Whaler boat model at a highly competitive price. has complete confidence in the Boston Whaler brand and makes sure you buy the best deal and select a boat that will match your requirements.
    If you are looking for an unsinkable sports boat that performs exceptionally, check out Boston Whaler boats for sale. It includes: New Boston Whaler boats for sale and used Boston Whaler boats for sale.

    What type of boats does Boston Whaler build?

    Boston Whaler offers an unsinkable cutting edge hull and brilliant designs. It includes modified vee, deep-vee, and others. These vessels consider the best for whether you’re fishing (fresh or saltwater), cruising (day or night), or watersports. On, you would come across a preferred new Boston Whaler boat for sale or a used Boston Whaler boat for sale. 

    What kind of engines Boston Whaler Boats have?

    The boats are available here with inboard, outboard-4S, outboard, outboard-2S, and other propulsion systems, available in electric, gas, diesel, and other fuel systems.

    Why are Boston Whaler boats popular?

    Boston Whaler boats are the most trusted boats on the water because of their unsinkable and solid hull, designs, high-quality construction, and advanced technology. Unique classes and models of unsinkable Boston Whaler boats make them popular among the boating community.
    They include sports fishing, saltwater fishing, Center Console, Dual Console, Runabout, and Cabin cruisers. Generally, the Boston Whaler boats have a shallow draft and a Full-beam single-piece windshield. Boston Whaler boats are the best choice for day or overnight cruising, different watersports, fishing either freshwater or saltwater.

    Are Boston whales all fiberglass?

    The Boston Whaler company was established on innovation. It was the pioneer of its signature Unibond construction, which used a patented, molded fiberglass, irrespective of whether you consider new Boston whaler boats for sale or used Boston whaler for sale.  Boston Whaler boats use Closed-cell foam. The space between the inner and outer layers is filled with foam to make a solid hull.

    What are the best Boston Whaler boat models?

    Presently, some of the distinguished Boston Whaler boat models are as130 Super Sport, 170 Montauk, 150 Montauk, 210 Montauk, 270 Dauntless, and 330 Outrage. has a wide range of used Boston Whaler boats for sale and new Boston Whaler boats for sale for you.