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Cigarette Racing Boats for Sale

Donald Joel Aronow was born in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn, as the youngest son of Russian-Jewish immigrants. From 1953 he founded some boat companies and became interested in racing boats. After that, by 1967, it was an established business. Subsequently, it won its first World Championship driving two 27´ Magnums, a single-engine inboard and a triple engine Mercury powered outboard.

Aronow built the first Cigarette boat under the name Cary with the help of Elton Cary’s Miami Beach facility. After campaigning his boat “The Cigarette” worldwide, he won his second World Championship in three years. That is how Cigarette Racing Team was born using his designs in 1970. Meanwhile, in 1982, he formed the USA Racing Team. He built the Blue Thunders, 39-foot catamarans used by the United States Customs Service to patrol U.S. waters and run down illegal offshore activities, especially drug smuggling. In addition, Aronow has built speed boats for the Shah of Iran, Malcolm Forbes, George H. W. Bush, and Lyndon Johnson. His life was made into a movie in 2018, named Speed Kills with John Travolta.

While David Aronow sold his company in 1982, the company is still going strong today. It is one of the market´s favorite and.

Cigarette boats on offers a wide variety of Cigarette boats for sale. You will always find one that fits your requirements. With lengths ranging from 30 ft in lower performance models to  51 ft in luxury models. The oldest model listed in is a classic boat built in 2007, and the newest model year was built in 2012.

Check the catalog, and you will indeed find the Cigarette model made just for you.

What are Cigarette boats?

The cigarette boats or go-fast boats is a high-performance boat of a distinctive design. They were originally designed for its offshore racing team by Donald Aronow. Although initially, it was made specifically for racing, some models were adapted over time to perform other tasks such as sport fishing, riding, and general entertainment.

The innovative Cigarette was successful enough that boats of that type, even by other makers, are still commonly called cigarette boats or just cigarettes.

Live the Cigarette experience: a juxtaposition highlighted by land and sea, yet united through a steadfast commitment to ultimate luxury.

What kind of boats does Cigarette build?

A Cigarette boat is a typical go-fast is built of fiberglass, with a deep “V” offshore racing hull from usually 30 to 50 feet (10 to 15 m) long and multiple powerful engines, often with more than 1000 combined horsepower. The boats can travel at speeds over 80 knots (150 km / h) in calm waters, over 50 knots (90 km / h) in choppy waters, and maintain 25 knots (47 km / h) in the average five to seven-foot ( 1.5 to 2 m) Caribbean seas. They are heavy enough to cut through higher waves, although at a slower pace. Convention says that luxury center consoles can’t be sporty – but Cigarette is anything but conventional. All models have an aerodynamic design that allows you to enter the adventure in a safe and fun way.

Why are Cigarette boats popular?

Besides the racing market, most buyers of these boats purchase them for the mystique and success of extensive history. Every Cigarette model is a unique piece of art. Through creative instinct, technical prowess, and a performance-centric pedigree, Cigarette has never ceased to produce the best vessels in the market. The new models have been refined based on extensive engineering, comprehensive prototyping, and unprecedented information from experienced drivers with hours behind the wheel. As a result, the powerful machine does all the work while delivering confidence and comfort as you navigate waters with greater speed and precision. Cigarette offers you boundless possibilities.

What kind of engine (s) can I find in a Cigarette boat?

Every racing models offer from 4 to 6 engine propulsion system. They can reach more than 2000 horsepower and more than 80 mph. At those speeds, it’s not as much a matter of whether the boat can handle going faster; it’s a matter of whether you can stay inside it. Some strategic collaborations, such as Cigarette with Mercedes-AMG motors, have made it possible to achieve levels of excellence in the design of these cars. Today, boats with horsepower and top speeds that were unimaginable a decade ago are barely shocking anymore, thanks to Cigarette boat.

How much do Cigarette boats cost?

At, you can find an extended list of Cigarette boats for sale, from the most luxurious models to the fastest models. The price ranges from $0.00 on classic models to $0.00 on brand new models. The acceleration: Relentless. The sea handling: Exact. The speed: Breathtaking. The detail: Remarkable. The result is awe-inspiring glamor in a performance boat. The prices will never be an inconvenience to buy a Cigarette boat and start enjoying a genuine experience on the water.

What is the best Cigarette model?

In the catalog, we can find the best Cigarette models. For example, in the Center Consoles line, we have Hunters, GTO Reserve, Stern Drive, GT Cuddy, among others.In the Performance Diesel line, we have Grandsport 49´.In the Sportboats line, we have AMG Electric Drive, Special Editon 42´Ducati, Top Gun Open, among others.We have 515 Project One, Marauder GTS, AGM Monaco Concept, and Black Series in the Racing Especial Edition line.